Cimetidine in patients with gastric ulcer: a multi-centre controlled trial

Forty-five adult outpatients with endoscopically confirmed gastric ulceration completed a double-blind trial of either cimetidine (1 g/day) or placebo. After six weeks 18 of the 23 patients receiving cimetidine showed complete ulcer healing compared with only six of the 22 patients receiving placebo. The cimetidine group also had fewer days with pain than the placebo group but the difference was not statistically significant. Cimetidine therefore seems to promote healing of gastric ulcers without severe side effects, although its effect on pain is less pronounced than in patients with duodenal ulcers.

Journal Ref. Frost F, Rahbek I, Rune SJ, Jensen KB, Gudmand-Hoyer E, Krag E, et al: Cimetidine in patients with gastric ulcer: a multicentre controlled trial. Br Med J 1977, 2:795-797.
Intervention Drug - cimetidine 1g/day
Number of sites 3
Countries involved 1
Sample size 51
Type of statistical analyses As-treated analysis
Risk of bias Overall: Unclear details
Participant characteristics Age: 50-60
Condition: Gastric ulcer
Baseline severity: endopscopically confirmed
Duration of trial 6 weeks
Primary outcome Ulcer healing
Effect Measures
Events Intervention Total Events Control Total Risk Diff.
18 23 6 22 50.99%
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Elig. Recr. Setting Org. Int. Flex. Del. Flex. Adherence Follow-Up Prim. Out. Prim. An.
2 4 2 4 3 4 2 4 5