Designing clinical trials is challenging. PRECIS – PRagmatic Explanatory Continuum Indicator Summary – is a clever acronym for a tool to help trialists designing clinical trials consider where they would like their trial to be on the pragmatic/explanatory continuum.

The PRECIS-2 website has two functions

  1. a training resource;
  2. a database of trials that have been scored using PRECIS-2

Trialists working on their own trial can apply for a password so that their team can score their trial while developing the trial design and protocol.
This trial design information will only be visible to trialists using a password until they decide to make this information publically available. We advise one password per trial team so you all have access to score the same trial. A PRECIS-2 wheel will be generated, based on all the scores, and can be used for discussion and consensus.

The database of trials contains trials that are a spectrum of pragmatic trials. We hope this will be helpful to researchers who can then search for trials on particular topics and consider the trial design. In addition trialists can look at the internal validity using the Risk of Bias tool©.

Figure: The PRagmatic-Explanatory Continuum Indicator Summary 2 (PRECIS-2) wheel.
Adapted from BMJ 2015;350:h2147

Where do I start?


The PRECIS-2 Info area contains all the information about PRECIS-2.
You can explore the links at the top to read about PRECIS-2: the theory, the references and to download a toolkit.

The How To? page describes how to use the tool and how to use this website.

If you don't have a login, you can explore Trials in the database by going to the Trials page.

If you want to add your trial to the tool you will need to register here.

We would be very grateful if users would give us feedback on using PRECIS-2: please visit the Contact us page. These PRECIS-2 criteria are constantly being reviewed and we welcome your input.

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