Household-based behaviour change communication intervention to improve plastic waste management practices (C-PASTE) in rural Guizhou

Intervention Behavioural change (patients) - Intervention group: provision of interpersonal communication, resource material (plastic waste collection bin, "Blue Bin") and health education pamphlets for separate collection of plastic waste whereas control group with only resource material ("Blue Bin")and health education pamphlets
Number of sites 1
Countries involved 1
Sample size 70
Type of statistical analyses
Risk of bias Overall: Unclear details
Duration of trial
Primary outcome Weight of plastic waste items in the "Blue Bin"
Effect Measures
Events Intervention Total Events Control Total Risk Diff.
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Elig. Recr. Setting Org. Int. Flex. Del. Flex. Adherence Follow-Up Prim. Out. Prim. An.
5 5 5 2 3 5 1 1 5