Satisfactory clinical response after treatment of knee osteoarthritis with a standardized, closed-system and low-cost PRP product: characterization and 1-year follow-up pre-post test study

Intervention Drug - We have evaluated the clinical efficacy of a characterized PRP product prepared in a standardized manner and in a closed-system as knee osteoarthritis (KOA) treatment, and evaluated the association of the clinical response to PRP-related variables. PRP was prepared from a donation of autologous blood, obtaining three aliquots of approximately 10 mL of product that were stored frozen until administration. Patients were treated three consecutive times every four weeks with an intraarticular PRP knee infiltration under sterile conditions.
Number of sites 1
Countries involved 1 (Spain)
Sample size 130
Type of statistical analyses One-arm interventional pretest posttest study, monocentric and pragmatic
Duration of trial 18 months
Primary outcome Clinical results of this PRP treatment on symptomatic KOA
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Elig. Recr. Setting Org. Int. Flex. Del. Flex. Adherence Follow-Up Prim. Out. Prim. An.
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